VP of Technology and Pilot Certification (UAV Drone Pilot)
E-mail: eric@droneservicescanadainc.com
Brief info

Eric is certified by Transport Canada and brings a wealth of experience in operating RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems). With a rich background in LiDAR and photogrammetry, he excels at flying intricate and accurate flight paths that yield both unique aerial imagery and invaluable data. As a seasoned pilot specialized in proximity inspections, Eric is adept at navigating challenging and high-risk areas with ease. He holds an advanced RPAS pilot certificate that enables him to operate across Canada, including flights close to people, at night, and within controlled airspace. Adding another layer to his skill set, Eric is also a proficient FPV (First Person View) pilot and drone builder, further solidifying his comprehensive expertise in the field.

Eric is also an avid drone engineer and is committed to building his own drones and pushing their functionalities to new heights.

He is also in charge of the pilot certification program currently being developed at DSCI and soon to be launched online in late 2018.