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Event Aerial Photography & Videography

When you’re a photographer or videographer, the world is your canvas, and the best canvases require high-quality instruments to precisely capture the unique moments that you live for. Once upon a time, aerial photography services would use all kinds of machines to grab panoramic aerial shots like cranes and helicopters – but renting a thirty-foot hydraulic lifter to capture a wedding or bar mitzvah had a way of spoiling the scene, and the airwash generated by helicopters in open areas didn’t do much better. Even if cameras weren’t mounted atop fancy technology, normal photographers could feel intrusive and pushy with their attempts to snap the perfect photos. What if there existed a way to discreetly take beautiful photographs without a struggle? That’s where drones come in. Operated remotely and fitted with a suite of high-definition cameras, drones can perform discreet flyovers to snap aerial photographs, get up close and personal with guests, or grab unique photographs using their impressive aerial maneuverability – perfect for wedding and event planners who want to respect their guest’s privacy.

Drone Cinematography

Cinema is one of the largest entertainment industries in history. What most people don’t know is that the movie magic on-screen is only rivaled by the magic that goes on behind the screen. Over the last decade or so, directors, producers, and audiovisual engineers have made quantum leaps in the science of cinematography: without this specialized personel, we wouldn’t have HD video cameras or three-dimensional films. More and more cinematographic creatives are latching onto the concept of using drones as robotic “cameramen” to provide aerial photography and videography. They’re maneuverable enough to perform panoramic shots or tracking scenes in 360 degrees, can easily provide aerial shots for film and television and can go into places where a human cameraman wouldn’t be able to fit.

Drones Changing the face of Marketing

Audiences love novelty. One of the fastest ways to hook a prospective customer is with the promise of something new and never before seen, and these days that’s entirely synonymous with “flashy new technology.” Though drones have been around for a while, production costs are dropping and this means that drones aren’t just expensive military playthings anymore. If you’re in the real estate market, drones can provide aerial imaging, shooting high-resolution photos of skyscrapers and other high-rise buildings from new altitudes. Ambitious marketers can even use drones as an advertisement in and of themselves: people are fascinated by the tiny flying machines, and attaching an ad to the drone-like an ad on a bus or subway train – turns it into a mobile advertising platform as it goes about its business.

 Common Challenges for Vertical

Lowering costs
  • Marketing is getting increasingly expensive – people are inoculated against many advertising strategies now, and marketers need to find new and dynamic ways to attract customers to their businesses.
  • Drones provide a sense of novelty and futurism to any burgeoning business or advertising agency: not only do they bring a host of customizable options to the table, but their presence also attracts interest.
  • Thanks to their mobility, advertising drones can take your company’s message straight to the consumer without relying on old forms of media like radio or television.
 Creating exciting content on a budget
  • With rising costs, diminishing returns, and increasingly cynical audiences, it’s more difficult than ever to create truly dynamic and interesting advertising content.
  • Drones have an advantage in that they can greatly pay dividends on their original investment.
  • Their maneuverability and advanced cameras mean that they can shoot advertisements from unusual angles. Even small businesses, without massive operating costs, can shoot professionally-produced videos of unusual events.

Use of Drones in Media & Advertising Industry

Agricultural marketing
  • Wineries and vineyards can use drones in several capacities: to help with the growth and harvesting of grapes and provide aerial winery photography.
Sporting event marketing
  • Drones can get up-close-and-personal with critical events on the field or interact with audiences.
Real estate advertising
  • Using HD cameras, drones can cheaply take photographs of real estate properties from many altitudes.
Ad space
  • Drones can be fitted with advertisements and be set to patrol specific flight paths, turning them into “floating billboards.”
Concerts and festivals
  • Drones can take publicity photographs, augment pre-existing security cameras or record performances for later archival.
Tourism marketing
  • Drone operators can be sent on a “vacation” of their own, to snap pictures of prospective tourist retreats and forward them to your company for marketing and promotional purposes.
Aerial golf course photography
  • Drones are invaluable tools on the golf course: when it comes to marketing purposes, HD aerial photographs lets prospective putters get the lay of the land.
  • For your guests, hovering drone cameras can record shots and transmit them for archival use, allowing guests to capture and relive successful putts.
Ski course photography
  • In addition to providing beautiful pictures for wintertime guests, drones can provide invaluable safety measures – patrolling slopes to search for lost or injured skiers in case of an emergency.
Weddings and other social events
  • Once upon a time, brides who wanted a panoramic shot of a wedding would have had to hire a helicopter: not only was this option solely available for the ultra-rich, but airspace regulations also meant that they had to stay above a certain altitude.
  • Drones can fly much lower than helicopters, meaning that they have more opportunities to snap HD photos while respecting the privacy of your guests.
Aerial campus photography
  • Already hubs for technological innovation, drones have fit in well on university campuses, providing new angles for promotional and marketing purposes.
  • Additionally, regularly scheduled drone flights can provide extra security and surveillance on campus, especially after dark.

   Your team did such an amazing job at shooting the extra footage we needed for our ad. We loved the results and know it will add so much value to the end results. Definitely will be coming back for more soon. Highly recommending Drone Services Canada to my network. Great job!

Jessica, Marketing Mgr. (Toronto, ON)

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