A Unique Bird's Eye View Of Your Real Estate


Aerial Photography & Videography

Capturing incredible visual footage of your real estate development has never been easier. Our drones can easily do some flyovers and create dramatic shots that can later be used to promote your current project or to help you get investor interest for your next project. We can capture high definition footage and images that will bring your real estate project to life. 

Drones Changing the face of Real Estate Marketing

Real estate agents are all flocking to drones to enhance their listings to another level and differentiate themselves from the rest of their competitors. Most of them say that prospective clients love the aerial view of the property as it gives them a chance to see the surrounding areas and what there is to offer. The fluidity of the pans and beautiful moves gives the listing video a richness that regular real estate videos don’t have. Real estate agents are saying that drones will become an industry standard in no time.

Use of Drones in Real Estate Industry

It helps you sell 
  • Drone video footage can provide dramatic views of the entire property, increase video traffic and video sharing, provide spatial perspective, property’s setting, show the proximity to key local amenities (water – playgrounds – parks – schools) and nearby services (stores – hospitals), let the viewer see the entire neighborhood from a whole new perspective, and create an emotional connection.
3D mapping
  • Drones capture images at very high resolution compared to aerial survey and satellites. For low level flights an individual pixel could be measuring an area as small as one-inch square or less; many times more accurate than other sources. Using only still imagery and GPS data, analysis software can stitch the photos together to produce full color, photo-realistic 3D datasets that provide immersive visualization and powerful analytics. You get a video game-like visualization experience that allows the viewer to fly around the model, exploring any part of it from any angle and the ability to measure any part of it.

Real estate advertising
  • Using HD cameras, drones can take unique aerial photographs of real estate properties from many altitudes and these can be used for listing promotions.
Site planning, modeling, and survey
  • Drone flight post-processing and mapping software let operators calculate lengths, heights, areas, and volumes without resorting to expensive and complicated ground surveys. A drone with suitable cameras can survey a building or site in under an hour producing a terrain surface from which you can calculate and measure cut and fill volumes, slopes, and aspect. This lets you estimate potential engineer work requirements and costs and see the impact using the same 3D visualizations described above.

    Drone surveys can even detect hidden landscape features which are not obvious on the ground due to vegetation or ground cover. Drones can also cover more ground than a survey, easily capturing nearby features and surveying hard to access features like streams and culverts.

Security & Inspections
  • When your development is underway, site inspections, safety and inspections can be challenging to complete on a regular basis and in a timely manner. Drones can be continually scheduled to patrol the skies above and around sites and buildings while the operators remain safe and at a distance. 

   What I really liked was the quality of the technology, the images and footage we captured at the shoot. The individual approach and the amazing atmosphere that we had during shooting the footage was incredible. It was my first experience with Drone Services Canada but it most certainly won’t be my last. This team of highly skilled and creative individuals not only captured the vision I had of my project, they gave life to it and I can now use it to promote future Real Estate projects to potential buyers with confidence. A huge thank you to all of the DSC team!

Tom, Real Estate Developer (Toronto, ON)

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