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Accurate 3D modeling is the key to extracting the most information about the world around us. Weather it be large scale topographic mapping of areas with high vegetation, or a digital twin model of an historic landmark, LiDAR is the technology of the future. 

LiDAR Drones

For many years now, drones have been commonly used for mapping the world using a technique called Photogrammetry. This involves taking many overlapping photographs and then stitching them together into a 3D model in post-processing. This has certain limitations, such as not being able to see through dense tree canopy. Lighting and weather conditions must be ideal, and many control points are required to ensure accuracy. LiDAR technology can overcome these limitations as well as add many other exiting benefits. LiDAR has been historically too expensive and bulky for large-scale adoption in drone applications. 

Common use case for LiDAR technology

Mapping Large areas with dense vegetation.
  • Vegetation is no longer an obstruction when creating a topographic map. Very large areas, 300 Acres + can be mapped in a single day of flight.

Use of Drones in 3D LiDAR Modeling

 Site surveying:
  • Create 3D contours on sites overgrown with vegetation. 
Corridor Mapping and Power Line Encroachment
  • Power-line corridor management is key to delivering safe and uninterrupted electricity. The Power-line Corridor Management deliverable gives you the intelligence needed from your LiDAR point cloud.

  • Digital elevation maps (DEM)s allow engineers to plan and understand the topographic movement and elevations of water, and soil.

3D Facade Modeling

  • 3D digital twin models of the world that can be used in applications from inspection to architecture and even in Virtual Reality.


   When I first called them for a free estimate, I was skeptical about the value of drones and how I could benefit from what they had to offer. To me, drones were toys, nothing more. But after being around Eric & Michael and seeing how professional they were and how knowledgeable they were about my business and how the data they were collecting would help me make my business more profitable, I started to pay attention. They really put my mind at ease. They asked me about my business and were earnest to learn about my challenges. They flew for a few hours and left. A few days later, they delivered all the goods and I was absolutely blown away by the quality of the images and reporting. I really had no idea how significant this data would be. It has helped me make better decisions and feel so much more confident about the future of our business. I would highly recommend working with this team of professionals because they have such a sincere approach and they deliver quality work!

John, Land Developer (Woodstock, ON)

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