DSCI Receives Standing Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC)

New accreditation means no wait time for clients!


May 7th 2018 – Hamilton, ON, Canada. Drone Services Canada Inc. announced today that it
has received a Standing Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) from Transport
Canada. This permits UAV/Drone missions to be flown in most of the airspaces without the
added work and time loss of filing individual SFOCs, a process that can often take from 4 to
6 weeks to complete. DSCI is allowed to fly in Class G (uncontrolled) airspace and in
Class C, D, E and F (controlled) airspace, day or night.

The achievement of this “sought after goal” came after a long and arduous process of first
having to file Simple Applications for each and every individual mission DSCI had in their
pipeline, then applying for a Complex Application for uncommon missions that required specific
requirements and finally, after establishing a strong relationship with Transport Canada, we
finally took the plunge and filed for our Standing SFOC. This will greatly increase our customer
satisfaction as they will no longer have to wait to schedule their missions. We’ll be ready to fly
within hours of their requests.