Why Choose Drone Services Canada?

We offer a multitude of services in every Industry. All our pilots have their Advanced Certification from Transport Canada and have countless hours operating drones (RPAS). Safety is our top priority in all our missions. We have equipment certified by Transport Canada and can fly in Class G (uncontrolled) airspace, and in Class C, D, E and F (controlled) airspace, day or night. We can provide our clients with quick turnarounds on mission scheduling and be ready to fly within a few hours of a client’s call.

Areas We Serve

We currently operate anywhere in Ontario. Open 8am to 6pm, Monday through Friday, we look forward to helping you with all your projects.

Our Team

Who We Are

With hundreds of hours in flight, our unique approach is solidly rooted in decades of professional experience. Our strength lies in our diverse backgrounds in engineering, technology, cinematography, photography and data analytics. We are client-centric and focused on solutions. 

Eric Papky

Eric Papky, VP of Technology and Pilot Certification

Drone Services Canada’s pilots are certified and have countless hours operating drones (RPAS), this allows us to fly complex and precise flight paths producing unique aerial imagery and gathering invaluable data. They also operate under very strict operating procedures. Drone Services Canada has the most advanced certifications, that can allow us to schedule missions within hours of receiving requests. We hold an impeccable safety record.



   I hire Drone Services Canada for all of my Commercial inspections where I need to inspect the rooftop of commercial buildings and equipment located in hard to reach areas. I also used DSC to collect high-quality data after a few of my clients suffered damages due to a huge ice storm. We could not get close to the locations as the structures were really damaged and in a dangerous state. Using DSC’s drones, we were able to capture the damages from up close without endangering anyone. Their services have become an integral part of my business. The professionalism and care they show for every job are what keeps me coming back. I highly recommend this team to any business in my field looking for quality work they can depend on.

Mark, Insurance Claim Inspector (Guelph, ON)

   Your team did such an amazing job at shooting the extra footage we needed for our ad. We loved the results and know it will add so much value to the end results. Definitely will be coming back for more soon. Highly recommending Drone Services Canada to my network. Great job!

Jessica, Marketing Mgr. (Toronto, ON)

   Drones have been a hugely valuable tool for growing my land surveying business. What used to take me days to survey, now takes me hours. I hire Drone Services Canada for all my contracts now because they provide dependable services at a cost that I just can’t pass up. The quality of the reporting data they provide is better than anything I have ever been able to provide to my clients and it saves me an incredible amount of time to have them do 90% of the work. I recommend them to anyone out there in need of high-quality land surveying for their ongoing projects.

Simon, Land Surveying Business Owner (Hamilton, ON)

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Drone Services Canada Inc. is certified for Advanced operations under the new Canadian regulations.

As you may or may not have heard, as of June 1st, 2019, the laws governing the use of “drones” in Canada has been revamped. This is a busy and exciting time for those of us in the industry, because these new regulations will allow us to do more complicated operations to better serve all of our clients.

RPAS Companies Drone Bees and Enaeria Inc. Combine Under Drone Services Canada Inc. Branding

Toronto, ON, Release:  April 12, 2019. For Immediate Release Nearly a year after Drone Bees completed its purchase of Enaeria Inc., both will be phased out and replaced with Drone Services Canada Inc. Enaeria Inc. was originally developed by a partnership of Daniel Matzeg and Zachary Feld, providing high quality RPAS surveying and inspections in Ontario. After being acquired by…

Drone Services Canada Inc Receives Standing Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC)
DSCI Receives Standing Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) New accreditation means no wait time for clients!   May 7th 2018 – Hamilton, ON, Canada. Drone Services Canada Inc. announced today that it has received a Standing Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) from Transport Canada. This permits UAV/Drone missions to be flown in most of the airspaces without the added work and time…